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This is an idea list of things to set aside for your photographer on your wedding day! All of these things are simply suggestions but may enhance your photographs of the details of your day. I suggest collecting all of your detail items in a box and having it ready for when your photographer arrives for wedding day coverage. As a wedding photographer, I have many items in my kit such as backdrops, ring boxes, dishes, and more. The flatlay can be as detailed or as simple as you would like and I typically shoot around 3-5 combinations of detail items. Have fun gathering and curating your items!

The Perfect Wedding Flatlay


Accessories: Perfume, cologne, purse, cufflinks, tie.


Personalized or custom items: matchbooks, napkins, stirrers. Postcards of your wedding location, ribbons, placecards, guest gifts, ring dishes.


Shoes! Some of the most fun details. Wether it's incorporated in the main flatlay or a solo shot of your wedding shoes.


Momentos or Heirlooms: A charm on your bouquet, something special to honor a loved one.




Your Stationary / Invites: 2 copies of your full invitation suite, Envelopes addressed (with an address that you are comfortable with) with stamps, Save the dates if they match, Menus, Seating cards, Vow books, Wax seals.

Rings: Both wedding bands + engagement ring, Ring box and/or ring dishes, Jewelry and accessories.

Florals: Ask your florist for extra blooms! This can be a great way to add texture to your details.

The Perfect Wedding Flatlay

There are so many more details that did not make the list. If there is anything you want photograped on your wedding day, make sure to let your photographer know! And my pinterest is FULL of ideas!!

The Perfect Wedding Flatlay
The Perfect Wedding Flatlay

Tracy Pacana Photography - California Wedding Photographer.

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